Valentines day calls for celebration and serves as the perfect time to decorate your home. From red roses to soft teddy bears several things come to mind when you think of Valentines day decorations. Here are a few quick and creative ideas you can easily follow to turn your regular space into a romantic cozy castle. For implementing valentines decor ideas you do not have to buy expensive stuff or spend a fortune. So what are you waiting for? Put on your creative hat and start right away to surprise your beloved.

1. Go for Personalised Gifts

Who doesn’t love mugs or frames with their name and sweet message engraved on it? So place these cute little items around the home and show how much you adore your better-half. Keep in mind that you can opt for vibrant mugs, vases, or wooden frames and place them against a light color background. You can also scatter rose petals near the mugs or frames along with handwritten notes. Nicely placing the combination of different items like shown in valentines day decorations images pop up the entire space and fill the ambiance with love.

love wins mug next to a chalk board
double tier stand with heart shaped mugs and flowers
wooden frame with love letters next to a ceramic vase for flowers
heart shaped roses next to a wooden frame says "follow your heart"
double tier cake stand with valentines decoration
metallic xoxo sign in a wooden frame next to heart shaped cardigan decor

2. Candles For Adding Warmth as Valentines Day Decorations

Scented candles add a romantic touch you need to enjoy this special occasion. You can place a few of them in a clear vase, glass containers or other decorative candle. Apart from that, you can also place these candles on the dinner table with pink or yellow roses scattered around.

Just ensure to place the candles at different locations in the home to get a dim and cosy effect. Besides, you should also play some romantic music in the background. 

Romantic tablescape with flowers, candles and cinnamon color runners
Wooden center table decorated with candles, tulips and trinkets
black metallic candle holder on a white wooden center table in front of a white couch
Gold Candle Lanterns and Candle Holders
decorative wooden xoxo decor
Valentines Day Decorations

3. Mantlepiece Ready For Valentines Day Decorations

Take one step further and decorate the fireplace mantlepiece. Put a valentine’s day garland, empty frames, little heart wreaths, and anything whimsical you find on the mantelpiece. This way, you and your partner will have a perfect spot for embracing each other’s warmth. Just remember that you do not need to go overboard with valentines decor.

Valentines Day  Decorations on Mantlepiece
Heart shaped decorations on mantlepiece
Decorations of Hearts and Roses on Mantlepiece
Heart and Love shaped balloons in mantlepiece with flowers in front
Love Mug in front of fire place decorated with heart
heart made of wool on mantlepiece

4. Rekindle Love in Bedroom

On this particular day, you both would love to spend time in the bedroom and pamper each other. So why not decorate the bedroom to turn things super intimate and romantic. You can begin with adding different colored flowers, not only red, to add a romantic touch. Set the lighting right and play some soft music to spice up the things a little more. You can even try creating a heart made of rose petals amidst the bed with a bottle of champagne besides it. Impress your loved one and rekindle the little faded love spark between you both. Here are also a few images to pick Valentines day decorations ideas for the bedroom. You can pick and implement the valentines day decorations ideas shown in pictures.

Valentines Day Bedrom Decoration
Valentines Day Bedroom Decoration
Heart Shaped pink and red Balloons for Valentines Day Decorations
pine tree branch in a white ceramic vase decorated with wool made heart shapes

5. Adorn The Living Room for Valentines Day Decorations

Nothing pops up better than the color red. Begin with tossing a love word engraved pillows on the couch to add a punch to the living room. You can place a teddy bear on the couch along with hearts made of colorful yarn. Put some fresh roses in the glassware on the living room table. Apart from that, scatter around a few pink or red balloons and hang a few love tags on the indoor plants.

double tier wooden stand decorated with heart and pine tree trinkets
Glass Flower Vase on Marble Center Table
Red Roses in Miniature Glass Vases
Dinner Tablescape with roses and pink runner
Service Table with Champagne, gold glass cake dome and heart decor
Love balloons and teddy bear decor
pink love pillow on grey color couch
Pink xoxo balloons
Pink Margharitas for Valentines Day Decorations
White wooden tray decorated with flowers and candles
Crystal Vases with red roses
straw tray decorated with flower and candles on a white beige couch
pink and white living room decoration
heart shaped wooden appetizer plates next to roses

6. Relish Scrumptious Food

Drop your idea of going out for a fancy dinner at an expensive restaurant. Instead, relish delicious food on your dining table. Set your dinner table by placing red or rose color pink petals over the elegant cutlery. For the tablecloth, pick light colors, and for centerpieces, choose rose gold or copper color. Try the mix and match technique also and see what works best for your dining table.  For fragrance, spray a fresh scent or light some scented candles around. Additionally, to make your better half feel special, you can place a cute love letter or any handmade gift on their plate.

Valentines Day food decoration on countertop with pink love balloons and roses
valentines day tablescape decoration
Romantic Dinner Table with White Wine Glasses and Candles
Pink Tablescape for Valentines Day Decorations
Romantic Tablescape with White Wine Glasses
Romantic Tablescape with Heart Shaped Plates
White Swan Decoration next to a heart shaped roses and pink cake
Cheese Plate Decoration
White and Gold Tablescape with miniature white christmas tree decor
Valentines Day Card on Dinner Tablescape
Heart Shaped Plates on Romantic Tablescape for Valentines Day Decorations
cupcakes in wooden cake stand with glass dome next to white ceramic vase
two glasses of champagne next to maroon candles and vase
country style dinner table under a retro chandelier

7. Don’t Forget the Porch

While decorating the interiors of your home don’t forget the porch. Your significant other will love you for this sweet gesture! Add a heart garland or place some flower wreaths on the front door. In fact, you can also decorate your patio by adding heart shaped pillows over an outdoor blanket. To complete this perfect outdoor date grab your favorite drink and enjoy!

porch decorated with garland for valentines day decorations

We hope you are all set now for the valentines day celebration with these ideas!