If you are going to have a baby, one of the most exciting and happiest thing being a parent is to decor your baby nursery for a baby girl or a baby boy. You have a lot of ideas in your mind regarding nursery decoration but sometimes it´s a little bit confusing especially when you are doing it for the first time. Here, you can find a collection of nursery ideas that are super easy and reachable. From baby crib to entire room decor, I have explained each and everything in detail. Let´s get started!

1. Dreamy Canopy Ideas for Nursery

Turn the empty corner in your baby room into an inspiring and cozy reading nook with the Dreamy Canopy in Champagne. She’ll love the comfort of her cushions, soft toys and blanket, plus the calming feel of soft neutral hues and natural lighting entering the nursery. Moreover, the hanging softballs and ducks will give her a feeling of a dreamy world where she can dream big and fall into peaceful sleep. Dreamy canopy is one of the must-have nursery ideas!

Pink Dreamy Canopy Nursery Decor

For more variation of dreamy canopies, check this:

Baby Girl Nursery Ideas with Dreamy Canopy  and rocking toy

For your baby boy, check out this transparent blue dreamy canopy theme in nursery:

Nursery Dresser with Changing Table Topper

Check out this canopy ideas blend with leaf shaped soft mat and cushions in a neutral nursery:

white dreamy canopy on white crib next to soft play mat

2. Kids Room Bunk Beds

If your children have grown up and you are thinking to shift them to a room then the best way to utilize small space is to install the bunk bed. Look at the beautiful color scheme of this kid’s room bunk beds with bookshelf installed in cupboards. This room décor is the best for your growing kids!

wooden bunk bed next to kids wardrobe and installed book shelves

3.     Placing a Play Tent is an Excellent Nursery Idea

Let your baby have a charm of an island in his nursery by creating island concept. Build a play tent and surround it with island creatures such as soft snake, crocodile, monkeys and palm tree. See how the mini nursery turns into an island. A play tent is one of the cutest nursery ideas!

White Play Tent in Nursery

4. Baby Drawers Nursery Ideas

To keep things out of reach of your baby, store them in a closed space. Look at this white theme covered up with variety of stuff toys and jute basket. See how the hanging toy on the drawer handle is adding up beauty to the whole shelf wall. See these nursery ideas for drawers!

changing table topper on white nursery drawer

5. Baby Room Wardrobe Nursery Ideas

Design your baby wardrobe wall by deciding your colored theme. Look at this white themed wardrobe with cloth cabinet at the center and shelf at the sides. Look how these cabinets are furnished and fulfilled with woolen and jute baskets along with stuffed toys. This is such a well organized, decluttered nursery wardrobe.

White Nursery Wardrobe next to White Rocking Chair

6. Armchair Nursery Ideas

A soft and comfy armchair for your baby room with knitted yarn cushion cover. See how this armchair suits with metallic lusting lamp table. This picture is a clear depiction of perfectionism! Armchair is a must have nursery idea.

armchair with ottoman next to bronze nesting table with lamp in nursery room

7. Dreamy Couch

Decorate your baby couch with moon and star soft cushions; a rainbow and favorite animal. An animal-shaped cardboard shelf is the peak of creativity to hold small objects as a decoration on the drawer’s top.

wardrobe and shelves set with mounted couch

8. Nursery Wallpaper Ideas

Wallpapers are the first thing to create the atmosphere of your nursery ideas.

baby crib with dreamy canopy next to children's armchair infront of wallpaper with bambi baby deer

Give your baby room a blend of the jungle with cute wallpapers. See how this wallpaper behind the baby crib is strengthening the spirits of your newborn with simply decorated two large windows. Keep the theme as simple as possible with the wallpapers to avoid messy and congested appearance!

tan rocking chair with footrest in front of a wooden crib  and rustic wallpaper

For more ideas on wall painting, check this:

Leaf wall decor next to oil shelf and mirror in nursery

If you are going to bless with baby boy, décor your baby nursery in blue theme. This blue-based wallpaper with varied animals living in a jungle is the best way to fill up your wall.

baby crib in front of blue babyroom wallpaper with deer

This 3D sea view is the real focus of the entire nursery interior.

white rounded crib in front of babyroom wallpaper with sailing and cloud design

Reveal this nursery wallpaper with rainbow theme; a sign of hope and longings.

rainbow wallpaper behind a white wooden crib and toy giraffe in nursery
nursery dresser with changing table topper in front of flowery wallpaper

9. Bring in changing station – Nursery Ideas

For quick excess, switch to a changing table rather than drawers. Fix your corner for this. Put necessary items like diapers, towels and wet tissues etc. To keep the things safe and out of reach, keep them in drawers. Add little fun with stuff toys and knitted rainbow. Bring In Changing Station is an Excellent Nursery Idea which will make your life easier

white change table organization with shelves next to white nursery  dresser

10. Create fun with storage baskets

Rattan basket covers small space with its alluring appearance. Place pear-shaped handmade rattan storage baskets. Keep the blankets and toys easy to access by bringing them in open baskets and hide unnecessary items in closed baskets. See how these toys are bringing shine to your baby’s nursery while the decluttered nursery eases your life.

baby girl nursery ideas with rainbow wallpaper

11. Light up the room

If your baby is growing up and has started learning, Set up a place that is comfortable for her. See how this peachy room decor is depicting tranquility and calmness in harmony with learning wall and hanging balls. Check these cute nursery ideas!

Light Blue Armchair for Nursery next to toy shelves

Check this blue theme for baby boy. Keep the theme simple by placing a love seat and few stuffed toys and a fur table. Along with the sofa, white baby cot is adding a feeling of warmth and peace to the baby nursery in the natural light of the sun.

white armchair with fur footstep next to white wooden crib in neutral baby room

12. LED cloud lamps – Nursery Ideas

Give your baby room a nature-inspired accent by hanging neon led cloud lamps. See how these lights are fusing with cloudy wall color. Small cute baby Swaddles and Jhablas are welcoming love and peace to the entire newborn baby room. This is a lovely nursery idea!

led cloud lamps on top of baby crib with dreamy canopy

Energize the spirits of your newborn baby by displaying funny animal gallery. You could also add your photos with baby and make it a memorial wall. Fun photographs behind the crib come up with good luck and sound sleep. A large stuffed giraffe is revealing a whimsical animal theme to the nursery! This is one of the simple-to-apply nursery ideas!

white crib next to stuffed giraffe for baby boy
neutral nursery furniture with wardrobe, dresser and change table topper
jute lamp and dark blue and wooden crib in a baby boy room

14. Wooden beaded mirror

Reflect the natural beauty of baby nursery by decorating it with large circled beaded mirror on the 2D wall. See how your baby while laying on soft cushioned wooden rocker will enjoy basking in the early rays of sun.

baby girl room decor with white crib, pink armchair, white ottoman, jute carpet and pink curtains

15. Nursery Floor Mat Ideas

One of the best nursery ideas is to create a play area for your baby to make her/him explore new things. A fur carpet with a playing mat on the floor is adding softness and joy to the nursery. You can give a peach decor to your newborn baby room by hanging sunset beach view. A sleepy neon light so that your baby can sleep in peace at night. The whole peach look is all tranquility and calmness to the nursery!

led eyelash wall decor on natural bamboo crib behind nursery floor mat

16. Harlequin changing table – Nursery Ideas

Bring variation in baby dressing table by getting harlequin changing table. It benefits at the clear vision of what’s inside the cabinet. You can have easy access to everything. Look how this rolling baby cot is distinctly covering all nursery space with cute briefcases on the side.

baby boy nursery dresser with changing table topper next to toy stroller

Hurry up! For the trio look with canopy, beautiful briefcases and a 3D wallpaper. See their combination in a royal creamy look.

17. Large storage tubs

To keep baby’s accessories decluttered is tough. However, you can do it creatively by placing tubs in wooden cabinets. Decorate the nursery with small pot plants and picture frames. A stuffed matter in baskets to have easy access. Cotton stuffed mat spread on the floor allows your baby to play without worries! This is one of the useful decluttering nursery ideas!

nursery toy organizer boxes next to play mat flooring

You can also arrange them by following small dotted wallpaper and soft toys over the shelf. Use jute baby crib to give an aesthetic and natural look to your baby nursery. Make sure to use a space with windows so that your newborn baby can have access to natural light all day. These decluttering nursery ideas are to keep in mind!

nursery polka dot wallpaper, toy storage organizers and white carpet with colorful pom poms

18. Hanging Macramé

Newborn babies like hangings over their crib. Your baby observes and enjoys little things. Look how these yarn macramé and knitted rainbows together reveal joy and liveliness. Rainbows, alphabets and soft toys, all are fun!

nursery wallpaper with polka dots, floating shelves and changing table below ceiling mobile
handmade wall decor of clouds and rainbow as nursery ideas

19. Alphabet Wall Decor – Nursery Ideas

Make your baby learn differently by creating alphabet wall decor. Look at the stunning wall with framed alphabets and counting that accentuate the learning view of your baby nursery. A baby girl or boy will have both a touch of play and fun learning with little stars and soft toys. A wooden house and a stool are adding power to the nursery! Nursery ideas should include educating your baby as well!

alphabet and 100 square frame decor on nursery desk and floating shelves

20. Mountain Wallpaper Nursery Ideas

Give your baby space a mountain view with this nursery wallpaper.  Look at this simple and beautiful theme where mountains are revealing an imaginative and adventurous glance. A bed that looks like camping in the snowy mountains. Floor bedding is safe for your baby and easy for him to crawl and explore the whole nursery space. This wallpaper and floor bed are two must-have nursery ideas!

Nursery Mountain Wallpaper next to floor bed in camping scout style and carpet with arrows

21. Lord of the Rings Nursery Wallpaper Decor

Make a dominating wall that covers your entire baby nursery. This wall is clear depiction of Lord of the Rings series. Your baby will grow up as a Lord of the Rings fan thanks to this wallpaper. Who would have thought of LoTR for nursery ideas?

lord of the rings wallpaper

22.     Baby Mobile Nursery Ideas

Create your baby fun area by placing fun mat with hanging stuff toys. Imagine your baby playing with fun and joy by hanging toys and balls. Creativity comes by exploring! When it comes to nursery ideas, mobiles are the very first thing to buy!

baby mobile on the floor withvpink floor mat

You can also hang baby mobile in open space and use it for play areas. See this super sweet baby moon and stars in mint, green and beige are creating fun with this amazing toy house. The hand knitted cherries and a frame of different animals are covering your baby nursery in a great mood.

baby mobile with moon and stars infront of wooden baby book shelves

The best mobile for your baby boy exists in this blue theme. Check this soft elephant mobile with hanging parachute in the center. The best choice for baby shower!

handmade mobile with elephants infront of book shelves for babies

Bring your baby new toys on every occasion. The best Christmas gift for your cute baby is the mobile with his favorite stuff toys. See this mobile specially designed for Christmas with hanging balls, horses, and centered Christmas tree.

baby mobile with fox and squirrel infront of wooden eyelash wall decor
amigurumi baby mobile with sheep, heart and cloud shape

23.     Neon Led Lights Nursery Ideas

Decorate your baby room with sweet and bright neon lights. See how a yellow neon lining a tree is scattering light to the entire nursery. Star arch on the baby crib and little stars on the wall are demonstrating sleepy feelings for your baby’s sound sleep.

white crib infront of wooden neon led tree wall decor

Embellish your baby crib canopy with thunder neon lights and hanging baby dress on the dressing table. See this cute baby mat as a flat dog sleeps on the floor.

baby boy nursery with rounded crib and dreamy canopy next to alphabet and neon led lightining wall decor

24.     Hanging Ruler – Nursery Ideas

Every mom wants to see her child grow fast. Measure your baby’s height every day he grows up with wall hanging measuring ruler. It´s the prior nursery idea for your growing baby from newborn to toddler.

hanging ruler behind rounded crib with dreamy canopy next to modern rocking chair with rainbow throw pillow

25.     Gold leaf lining – Luxurious Nursery Ideas

Forget about the blues and pink, create your luxurious nursery of your baby. White silvery dots contained in gold leaf square lining is good prospect to the room. A comfy baby crib exaggerated with white net canopy will be good for cozy late-night feeding and sound sleep.

luxury nursery ideas in grey color with white polka dots wallpaper

26.     Changing Table Topper Nursery Ideas

This lively small space is pleasing and eye-catching. Let your baby change dress happily with this jute changing top. It’s amazing as you can have your baby dresses hanged over it. Check out this cute fabric basket for gathering baby toys and big giraffe on the side.

changing table topper on a dresser next to stuffed toy giraffe and baby laundry basket
floating shelves and baby cloth hanger on wood baby room dresser next to white crib and stuffed toy girafee

27.     Wood word signs

Decorate your wall with wooden word signs like play, explore and learn. You can paste your choice words or a sentence. Click the links below and see how you can fix words in a different style with furniture.

playroom storage organizer boxes
neutral nursery decor with white crib, dresser and rocking chair and footrest

28. Bookshelf – Nursery Ideas

Make your baby sleep while learning new things. Baby loves stories and listening. Adjust a bookshelf to have an easy grip over it.

boy nursery with star wallpaper and floating book shelves for babies
white comfy armchair under floating book shelves for babies

29. Baby Dresser Nursery Ideas

Organize your baby dresser with simple round edged mirror in black lining. See how the dresser is well organized with baby everyday necessity. Check these decluttered nursery ideas!

nursery dresser declutter and organizers for diapers and teats

30. Nursery Curtains Ideas

Look at the pink blush curtains passing sunlight to the entire nursery. Let your baby bask in the natural sunlight after a bath. See how this ottoman pouf with a couch is presenting elegance and soft touch to your baby pinky theme.

nursery decor with pink curtains, armchair and tan ottoman next to crib and white puff carpet
pink and grey nursery decor with curtains, armchair, crib and miniature  christmass tree

31. Flush mount

Instead of chandelier, have you ever got an idea of something new? The flush mount without any ambiguity is scattering its yellow golden light on its peak.

floor mobile infront of white armchair, ottoman and crib

32. Rocking Chair Nursery Ideas

Placing a rocking chair with footrest into your nursery is essential. It will make breastfeeding easier while you can get a rest for a minute. Your nursery ideas should include a rocking chair.

Grey rocking chair with footrest in front of a play tent and baby crib