Are you looking for some classy master bedroom ideas? Hold your horses because we have compiled a list of wonderful bedroom decorating ideas that will make your house look like your personal holiday retreat. Let’s dive in!

1. Bohemian Master Bedroom Ideas

Give a soft boho touch to your master bedroom by mixing and matching toned-down colors like brown and white. Additionally, you can also go bold by placing brown colors more prominently throughout your bedroom or add some neutral shades.

Bohemian Styled Bedroom with Tan Bed Bench and Lace Pillows
Bedroom Design wth black and white quilt and tan bed bench in front
Bohemian Bedroom design with pastel wall decals and wooden bedside table with grey lamps

2. Calm and Cozy Master Bedroom Ideas

This bedroom inspiration is for those who look forward to winding up in a calm and cozy bedroom after a tiring day.

white and wooden bedroom set with dark green lace pillows

3. Christmas Decorations for Master Bedroom

The Christmassy master bedroom design is something to try somewhere around the holiday season. It will fill up your house with warmth and love!

cozy master bedroom with wooden christmas tree wall decorations and white striped leather bed bench

4. Subtle Earthy Tones in Master Bedroom

Earthy tones go well for a master bedroom design and make it look super cozy. You can turn it more welcoming by adding a couple of plants and artwork.

concrete and wooden master bedroom design with long wooden bedhead next to wooden floating nightstand and bedside lamps

5. The Twist of Tangy Orange in Bedroom

The orange-white combination will brighten up your entire space and add a tinge of peppiness. Well, the search for cute bedroom ideas stops here!

bedroom styling orange and tangy wall color and minimalist wooden bedside tables

6. Green is Good in Master Bedroom

Here is a bedroom inspiration for all the nature-lovers. Add a wooden headboard and complete the look with a few indoor plants!

scandinavian master bedroom design with wooden bedhead and floating nightstands

7. Chunky Knit Blanket for a Cozy Bedroom

Chunky knit blankets are so popular these days. So, if you are looking for a master bedroom design with bold decor, you have landed on the right page.

cozy master bedroom ideas with ligth grey and blush pink colors along with chunky knit blanket on the side of the bed

8. Purple and Grey Colors Ideas in Master Bedroom

If dark colors are your vibe, purple will be the best choice. The rich depth of this color can be paired with grey to add a bit of contrast.

grey and purple colored master bedroom design with grey chunky knit on the bed

9. Pineapple Table Lamp for Cozy Master Bedroom Design Ideas

Here’s a way to sneak a pineapple to your master bedroom! This statement lamp is super unique and will make sure that your bedroom stands out from the rest.

pineapple table lamp with anthracite lamp cap and brass lamp body

Other than that, you can take a look at other table lamp ideas to spruce up your living space.

budget friendly lamp pairs for bedroom and livingroom

10. The Magic of Green in Master Bedroom

Create magic by adding a mix of white and green to your master bedroom. Additionally, if you need ideas to spruce up the wall decor for bedrooms, try hanging different colored hats.

cozy masterbedroom with green wall and white bedside table with brass handling next to white quilted bed

11. Chic and Classy Master Bedroom Ideas

Here is a master bedroom design idea that will add a whole new level of elegance to your house. The placement of lights deserves special recognition since it makes the room look brighter.

cozy master bed next to white night table and black night lamp on it

12. Coastal Bedroom Design Ideas

This coastal bedroom decor idea will surely catch your eye if you are a water baby. See how the blue color is used almost everywhere? Time to take notes!

coastal bedroom design with jute lamp, master bed next to night table with black jute night lamp on

13. Paneled Walls and Ceiling in Master Bedroom

Here is one of the best luxurious bedroom ideas if you want to make your living space look dreamy. The walls, along with the ceiling, are adorned with polished timber.

mountain home master bedroom ideas with industrial lamps

14. Dark Fantasy Master Bedroom Ideas

If you think dark colors won’t look nice in your master bedroom, it’s time to reconsider. Just make sure that you have a hint of lighter shades in the room as well.

master bedroom design with sleek dark wall color and natural wooden night table with brass night lamp on it next to natural wooden bed headboard

15. Carved Headboard in Master Bedroom

A carved headboard will give a vintage vibe to your room and uplift its charm altogether. The additional furniture should also have a vintage touch.

beach style master bedroom design with natural carved bed headboard next to jute leaf decors

16. Chic Country Vibes

Two-toned bedrooms always look chic, and here is a wonderful idea to make your master bedroom even more attractive. Try the perfect blend of white and brown!

white master bed next to natural wooden night table and wooden bench at the end of the bed

17. Blue-White Master Bedroom

How about painting the walls blue and keeping the decor all-white? Try this master bedroom decor idea today!

bedroom design with white and dark blue colors

18. Maximalism in Master Bedroom

Pile on all your stuff on your bedside table and give it a new look. Since there is a fine line between mess and maximalism, make sure you know when to stop.

Natural Wooden Night Table next to master bed in front of sea green wall color

19. Pastel Tones for a Cozy Design

Pastels are always in! So, if you are thinking about re-designing your master bedroom, try these soft and subtle colors for a change.

pastel tones in master bedroom with a sea green wall color and natural wooden night table next to wooden master bedhead
pastel pink tones in master bedroom with natural wooden bedhead and wooden bed bench in front

20. Wall Decor in Bedroom

By decorating the wall with a beautiful tapestry, you can bring about a wonderful change in the vibe of your master bedroom.

pastel pink tones in master bedroom with natural wooden bedhead next to wooden night table

21. Warm Beige Tones in Bedroom

Warm beige tones will not only make your room look neat, but they will also make it look very spacious. In addition to that, you can try another chic beige-colored decor idea for your master bedroom.

beige tones in master bedroom with beige puff armchairs
beige tones in master bedroom with an ecru bed bench

22. Mixed Patterns in Bedroom

Everything about this room is loud and attractive! The mix of different patterns is surely eye-catching!

dark blue wall color in master bedroom with natural wooden bedhead next to wooden night table and decorative sun mirror next to floating shelves with print abstract images

23. The Contemporary Affair in Master Bedroom Design

Here is a modern decor idea for your contemporary master bedroom! The minimalist finish gives it a neat and clean look.

contemporary master bedroom design with beige tones

24. Large Headboard Master Bedroom Ideas

A large headboard that covers almost the entire wall will give your master bedroom a refined look. You can further decorate it with pictures and fairy lights.

large and tall wooden headboard and bedside lights in master bedroom

25. Retro Look Master Bedroom Ideas

Dedicate one corner of your room to a retro sofa and dresser! Apart from that, you can also add a few indoor plants for more texture.

vintage wooden dresser with a mirrow above and pink vintage armchair next to it with pink lace pillow on
rustic bedroom style with vintage dresser and beige armchair next to it

26. Gold Hardware in Bedroom

Notice how the lamps in this room look so stunning? Well, the gold hardware gives the perfect touch to a simple bedroom consisting of grey-white decor.

master bedroom design with accent wall and white bed and decorative pillows in the front with bed bench rustic wooden dresser and night table next to it

27. A Pop of Wood in Master Bedroom

We absolutely love how the wood pops out from the rest of the decor so elegantly – the dresser, the door, and even the compact side table!

master bedroom wallpaper with grey bed and pink sofa bench in front

28. Add Inspiring Quotes in Your Master Bedroom

Whether it is the wall or the bed, quotes and even simple phrases can make a huge difference!

bedroom decorative pillows and sign above the bed

29. Decorate Dresser in Master Bedroom

Hang a mirror on one side of the wall and place a large dresser right under it. Additionally, place art pieces on the dresser along with a few metallic vases.

bedroom dresser and black decorative mirror
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