With laundry room designs such as these, you would eagerly wait for the laundry day. You must ensure that the room does not look dull so that you stay motivated to perform the tedious task of washing clothes. Notice how the washing machine’s and dryers’ placement adds to the aesthetics of the room. If you have been searching for some lovely laundry room ideas, these pictures can help you brainstorm some great ideas.

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Install Extensive Cabinetry

You can declutter your space by installing cabinets that help you stack extra things. They will give you more storage and style your room to make it more appealing. You can take ideas for cabinetry from these pictures to innovate your laundry room. If you lack storage in your place, it might hamper you from completing the tasks on time. So, utilize these small laundry room ideas.

side by side washing machine and dryer machine  with light blue laundry cabinets
A brunette woman reaching cabinet on top of washer and dryer

Utilize the Wall, from Floor to Ceiling

This is a place where you can experiment with new ideas and utilize the space. By building budget-friendly shelves from top to bottom, you can accommodate a lot of things that have been taking up unnecessary space. It will make the room look sophisticated and well-organized. The key is to get innovative with your laundry room decor ideas, and the results will be fruitful.  

iron machine, hoover, washer and dryer inside cabinet
laundry room shelves organized

Laundry Room Floating Shelves

Laundry room cabinets are a must but did you know that open shelves are equally important? You can put anything you want on these shelves. For instance, you can put some items that make the design of your space look sophisticated. Don’t just sit idle, work on the laundry room renovation ideas.

floating shelves over washer and dryer
floating shelves in cleaning room
floating metal shelves above black washing and dryer machine

Large Utility Rooms

For many people, the ultimate house goals include a good utility room where you can accommodate all the important stuff required for doing laundry. In the room, you can include a washing machine, sink, dryer, ironing board, and more. These classy and modern utility rooms will make your laundry space look more stylish. What’s better than having a dedicated space for doing all the things associated with doing laundry!

Utility room with ironing board, washer and dryer
Utility room with ironing board, hoover, washing and dryer machine
dark blue cabinets with cleaning tools compartment

Indoor Plants in the Laundry Room

Decorating your space with green house plants can make the small room aesthetically pleasing. Since you are bound to spend a considerable amount of time in it, it is good if you add some plants to the room and change its entire look. It is good if the vibe of the room is peaceful. Therefore, you do not sulk every time you think about doing laundry!

washer and dryer  under a window with garments
washer and dryer next to indoor plants
washer and dryer on top of each other next to a window and farmhouse sink

Pet-Friendly Laundry Room

If you own a pet who has a habit of venturing into the laundry room, it is better if you appoint a specific place for them. No kidding! A comfortable bed and a wash area is everything you require. Get innovative and design your place in a way that your pet can make themselves feel at home. Here is a sophisticated look to help you get an idea.

washer and dryer on top of each other inside grey color cabinets

A Well-Lit Laundry Room

If you have a window in this room receiving lots of light, that is a great add on. You won’t mind spending some extra time in the well-lit room as it has everything that you could wish for. Not to mention, the gush of fresh air will definitely lift your spirits and make doing laundry an enjoyable task. What more could you ask for? So, if you are planning to renovate, these are some good laundry room remodel ideas. 

washer and dryer next to a sink and window full of light
a laundry room with white and dark blue cabinets
washer and dryer next to each other under a window full of light
well organized baskets on white shelves above washer and dryer next to a glass door

Stay Organized with Baskets

A good laundry room should have containers and baskets to store dirty apparel. In this way, you can do the laundry easily without facing any inconvenience. In addition to this, it will look organized and clean. Make sure you place the baskets in the right place. Gathering the dirty clothes is the first step to do laundry. You can even match the color of the baskets with the room decor. Take an idea from these images.

organized baskets on wooden floating shelves next to a washing machine
well organized baskets on floating shelves and beige grey cabinets
small laundry room with wallpaper and floating shelves
canvas laundry  bag infront of washer and dryer in a small room with floating shelves

Vintage Never Really Gets Old

Vintage designs will give a charming look to your space. They will give a different and vibrant appearance to your house. Also, a vintage look always stays in fashion so you do not have to worry about being left out. You can confidently take an idea from these beautiful laundry room pictures.

a window behind a farmhouse sink next to grey cabinets and washing machine
side by side washer and dryer near white cabinets and grey backsplash
side by side washer and dryer  below floating shelves and farmhouse sink
side by side washer and dryer under floating shelves
side by side washer and dryer under black cabinets and wooden floating shelf with laundry sign

Color-Coded Laundry Rooms

If you mix and match the color of the walls with the color of the laundry room items, you will be amazed to see how beautiful the whole room looks. Here are a few beautiful laundry room pictures from which you can use the look to make your desired place a reality. Colors can do magic when coded in the right way.

Side by side washer and dryer next to light blue cabinets and floating shelves
washer and dryer on top of each other next to dark blue cabinets
side by side washer and dryer in light pink cabinets
washer and dryer on top of each other in a kitchen with white cabinets
side by side black washer and dryer  under wooden counterop and white cabinets

Majestic Decor

Looking for laundry room upgrade ideas? Well, take an idea from these beautiful laundry room designs. While the storage inside is the main concern for most people, majestic decor cannot be ignored.

floating shelves between the washer and dryer behind the rushmat laundry bag
Beautiful Laundry Room with white and blue wallpaper and cabinets
washer and dryer on top of each other next to floating shelves used as storage
small laundry room with floating shelves

Have Funny Frames and Signs

Using frames, plates and signs for decorating your space is a perfect idea. It will not only put forward and highlight the creativity you have inside. But it will also revive the place that you spent sometime in doing the house work. Moreover, the variety is explendid! You can look for many decorative items varying from metal work to hand made wooden pieces.

Laundry Sucks sign next to side by side washer and dryer
Laundry Frame next to plants in vases

Backsplash to Complete the Look

You can play a little with the interior design of your laundry room by choosing catchy backsplash tiles. Besides, these tiles may bring some energy to the space, where boring house work of washing is loaded. Let this place reflect your interior design style no matter how small or big it is!

Washer and dryer on top of each other next to white cabinets
Washer and Dryer on top of each other next to brick backsplash
colorful backsplash tiles for laundry room
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