Japandi style home design is the new trend to follow for the cozy ambiance. It emerges from the hybrid concept of Japanese and Scandinavian lifestyles. Although, these two countries are very far away from each other, they have much in common. Therefore, their fusion into the “Japandi Style” is now taking the lead in home interior design globally.

As mentioned above, there might thousands of miles between Japan and Scandinavia, but these two styles have much in common. Both being simplistic, natural and functional for instance, this Japandi style home design will give a timeless touch to your interior.

Japandi Style Home Design

What is the Meaning of Japandi?

Japandi aesthetic arises from the minimalist understanding, which exists in both cultures. Since minimalism has become the direction where the world is headed, it is very foreseeable that we will see its rising as a home décor trend as well. In its simplest form, Japandi can be interpreted as the zen culture of Japan meeting the modest thoughts of Scandinavia. In order to make this meeting come true, check these three very easy steps that you can follow.

Monochromatic Home Interior Design Ideas

1-    Black&White Meets the Wood Colors

The very first and simple touch that you can make is actually starting with creating a monochromatic home. As you know, ying and yang is the foundation of the Japanese culture. Accordingly, black and white is the projection of this ying-yang philosophy in the color format. Therefore, black and white will be your main colors in creating the Japandi style home design. On the other hand, we come across with earth tones such as wood, ecru and stone colors in the Scandinavian culture. Thus, the idea is to match the black and white with wooden and stone colored pieces. In the end, this will give the calm and cozy sense that Japandi style home design requires.

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Black and White Furnitures
Japanese Scandinavian Home Design
Japandi Style Home Design Ideas
Japanese Scandinavian Interior Design
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Black and White Home Interior Design
Monochromatic Home Interior Design
Minimalist Home Interior Design Ideas

2-    Geometric Furniture in Japandi Style Home Design

Japandi style home design welcomes the round and square lines in the furniture choice. Once again, suxh characteristic exists in both Japanese and Scandinavian cultures.  The geometric lines will not only create a smooth and calm environment, but also your eyes won’t get tired. In addition to having those clean lines, all the furniture should be functional. Because in Japandi design, there is no place for useless or, exaggerated pieces. In other words, practicality is essential.

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Japandi Style Home Design
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3-    Simple and Natural Selection of Accessories in Japandi Style Home Design

The choice of natural and plain accessories is very crucial. First of all you should be avoiding too many accessories. The pieces that you choose must be in a certain height in order to eliminate the crowded sight. As it’s said, “less is more”. Thus, chaos of accessories is not allowed in the Japandi approach. You should get rid of the extra pieces to prevent the mess. As you know, both Japanese and Scandinavian philosophy underlines the importance of having only what you need. Secondly, the pieces you have chosen must be in harmony with the nature. For instance, natural wooden pieces, along with bamboo or, rush mat can be your first selection. Furthermore, a handmade ceramic vase and simple green plants will not only bring color into your space, but also bring nature to your home.

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