7 Essential Decor Ideas to Make a Cozy Terrace

Think about your living room, kitchen, bedroom and your bathroom. Are these not the first things that pop into mind when it comes to your dream home?

But, wait a moment, aren’t we leaving something out? Take a deep breath and think about your outdoor design. Are you one of those lucky people around? Your answer must be yes, if your apartment or home has a balcony, which is actually a huge plus!

There are a million if not thousands of ways you can decorate your balcony and make a little haven here on earth that you can always run to when free. With this busy and congested city life, this space is worth investing because we’re going to suggest you simple, practical and affordable ideas that you can apply.

This article is worth grabbing a cup of coffee. Read through and find valuable ideas for your spacious or little outdoor space

Cozy Terrace Decor

1.    Make Use of the Balcony Walls

If you want your balcony to appear slightly bigger, then it will be wise to leave some floor space untouched. For a narrower balcony, you can use the railings to hang planters and make you balcony more green.

Make use of your vertical space to hang planters. Simple rings can fix your plant pots on the walls. Do you like wall shelves along your walls? Then you may want to have some flexibility. You may use the shelves for plants and other things that allow you to move things easily.

Terracce Wall Decor
Wall Decor

There is always an aesthetic value that hanging plates add to you space. Decorative plates have some immense artistic and cultural value. Hanging them on your balcony wall adds to aesthetics and gives you some good experience. Do you like a decorative plate that is unique and exclusive? Traditional African masks posses history and are awesome.

African Wall Masks
Wall Plates
Wall Decor

2.    Lighting Your Balcony

Another way you can make use of your balcony wall is lighting. Lighting and its shadows will add some cool drama to your space. How best can you illuminate your balcony? You need to be a little creative to create some cozyness in your balcony. Lighting is one way of adding some color and coziness to you small balcony. Try and add some string lighting if you are looking for concrete ideas

String lighting is cost effective and will make you balcony more inviting. They do not take space because you just hang them around your balcony. Bulb strings on the railing of your balcony can create some good ambience.

Terrace Lights
Terrace Lights
Terrace Lights

3.    Floor for Cozy Terrace

Do you want to stand out in creating the best floor? Then you need to use wood for your floor. It will make your balcony look cool and less boring. Wood decks always warms up the place. It will make your balcony look natural and its smell will add some extra touch. Compact wooden decks compliment with wooden benches creating some harmony for your comfort. Ikea Runnens can be what you’re looking for!

Ikea Runnen Floor
Ikea Runnen Floor

If your budget allows you to pay more for your terrace flooring, you may definitely wanna go with wood like ceramic tiles! they are resilient and cozy at the same time!

Wood like Ceramic Tiles

You may also want to paint your decks to make them colourful. If you have a spacious balcony, it may be ideal for you to use tiles. Floors with tiles look beautiful and attractive It requires high maintenance

Hexagon Ceramic Tiles

If you want to create that cozy-home environment, you can always go with carpets! Ethnic prints, colorful patterns can easily bring joy to your balcony or terrace.

Terrace Carpets
Terrace Carpets

Artificial grass turf is one of the best flooring ideas if you want to match your greenery or the coloured flowers. It makes your balcony look like a small garden

Grass Floors

4.    The Furniture for Cozy Balcony

A well arranged balcony can meet all your needs even if it is that small. Just make sure you choose the right furniture and other accessories that will give you the comfort you’ve always wanted to have. A table and some chairs may add some coziness to your balcony space. Choose some soft pillows that can make you relax.

Terrace Furniture
Terrace Furniture
Terrace Furniture

Foldable furniture can be ideal for a smaller balcony. For example, light and folding chairs and tables enables you to adjust how you would want to relax. Ikea Applaro may meet your needs!

Ikea Applaro

5.    Pillows Makes Your Terrace a Cozy One

Pillows can revive the ambiance. Either ethnic prints or colorful patterns, it will show your style!

Terrace Pillows
Terrace Pillows
Terrace Pillows

If you have a limited budget, there is no need to invest in balcony furniture. Pillows can still create that colorful comfortable experience you’ve always wanted to have. You can even create your whole sitting space with pillows and make a cozy terrace.

Floor Pillows
Floor Pillows
Floor Pillows
Floor Pillows

6.    Candles are Magical!

Lanterns and lamps can be ideal when you have some space on your floor. They create an atmosphere of fairy tales. Candle lanterns can be hanged on your wall shelves and they won’t take any space at all. They will also create some romantic atmosphere

Candles and Lanterns

Flameless candles in your balcony is an elegant idea that brings warmth and lights up your space. They are ideal especially for evening hours. You need to conder LED flameless candles and put them in a sizeable lanterns. You can also group them on the table

Led Candles

7.    BBQ Spot

What makes you happier than such a spot? The world passes below so fast and you need to sit back and catch up in a relaxed and thoughtful manner. Having a nice arranged spot for you to have your barbecue is a cool idea to conder.

Terrace BBQ

Bonus! Bring Greenery into Your Space

There is a feeling you’ve always wanted to create, right? Bring some plants and flowers to your balcony and you will enjoy the feeling. Banana trees are ideal when you have a bigger balcony space. It makes your space attractive and wealthy all the same.

Terrace Banan Plants
Terrace Plants
Terrace Plants
Terrace Plants
Terrace Plants

Have fun decorating your terrace!!!