Are you looking for farmhouse décor ideas? Or still in difficulty how to decorate yours? I have newly decorated my living room in farmhouse style and came to know about key points and ideas which I haven’t ever considered before.  Thus, I would like to share my ideas and pinpoints on farmhouse living room design with you through this blog. Besides, I will be sharing some farmhouse living room pictures with its main descriptive ideas in it. Let’s get started!

1.Farmhouse Living Room Color Scheme

Once proceeding for the furniture and décor items for your farmhouse living room, color scheme strongly matters. What about the grey colored marble texture round table with white and pink. Add a chunk of wooden items to give it an appealing look. Color should be decided first for rustic farmhouse decor!

Beige Center Table in front of a grey sofa in a country style living room

2.Bright Theme as a Cozy Design Idea for Your Farmhouse Living Room

Those who love autumn can have a theme of bright yellow and orange color. A center round wooden table with spread autumn leaves reveals the scenery of live autumn for rustic farmhouse decor. Yellow and orange in a blend of the black and white checked sofa in the corner is what all you need.

mustard color knitted blanket and lace pillows on a white corner sofa

3.Placement of Furniture in Farmhouse Living Room

You shape your home, and in turn, it shapes you! Buying furniture could be easy, but correct placement would not. Arrange your couches in such a way to create a conversation space, keep an arm’s length space between tables and couch. The Coffee table should be bigger and prominent and rug size should be accordingly. Maintain distance for walkthrough which is essential as a farmhouse decorating idea. Note: Don’t touch the furniture with walls.

wooden center table between tan leather sofa and light grey sofa

4.Farmhouse Living Room Ceiling

You can turn over your farmhouse living room into a grand look by renovating its ceiling. See how wooden ceiling with a hanging chandelier giving a spectacular look in its full zest and creates a rustic farmhouse decor. In addition to this, you can also place a pale ivory rug under the wooden table and couches. However, more cushions; more comfort!

farmhouse living room decoration ideas

5.Conical Ceiling as a Cozy Design Idea

The trend of a conical ceiling is considered in snowfall areas, whereas, in other regions, it is known as a fashion for modern country decor. Giving a cone touch i.e. pointed in the center seems fascinating and attractive. You should buy a fluffy armchair in contrast to cone ceiling with white wood center table. Light up your room with an amazing candle lamp and chandelier!

straw basket vase in front of tan leather corner sofa and two beige armchairs

See knitted jute cushion variety here:

white knitted cushions on brown leather sofa befind brown wooden center table

6.Farmhouse Living Room in Wood Theme

If you like woods and wish to have a feeling of living in woods, you can make your theme woody by making wooden ceiling, wooden table and wooden stools for a rustic farmhouse decor. Moreover, you can place a dry branched pot tree on the table. Branched tree is of more importance because of their unique appearance in country decor!

fireplace in a cozy farmhouse living room

7.Wooden Floor in Farmhouse Living Room

For those who are frustrated with marble, tiles and chips can enhance the floor covering with hardware or wood which is an amazing farmhouse decorating idea. Wood beautifies your floor to a higher degree with a rustic home decor touch. More importantly, if you have a large room surface, you can place bar stools on the kitchen shelf. 

wooden floor in farmhouse living room

8.Antiquity in Farmhouse Living Room

If you love the old culture and want to add a texture of it in your farmhouse living room, buy a bamboo chick curtain for your windows to stop enough light in warm sunny days. However, you can add freshness by placing and hanging small potted plants with textured wood. A blend of wood with green plants will create a beautiful antique vision to your farmhouse style living room.

wooden nesting table next to white fluffy sofa and black and white arglye carpet

9.For Small Farmhouse Living Room

If you have a small room space, you can still turn it into a spacious living room by adjusting a couch, a fireplace and some fur rugs to add a touch of cozy and warm feeling. Always use a wooden table, advance it with a candle, aged camera and a pot of plant for the farmhouse style.

footstool and pouffe in a small farmhouse living room

10.Put a Cozy Blanket on the Couch

Consider a finely knitted linen blanket right on the couch giving its full strength of coziness in the light of star-shaped string lights. Moreover, you can see how a wooden mirror over the couch and the treasure chest table in harmony reflects the beauty of nature. A perfect match to enjoy cozy winter nights in this rustic farmhouse decor!

red and white knitted wool blankets on white couch next to treasure chest coffee table

11.Antique Potted Plants as a Cozy Design Idea

Plants have always known for freshness and therapy. So, potted lavender topiary over the table with a full-fledge couch express warmth and texture to your living space. A wooden side table, with antique lamps and more plants, are enough to make your farmhouse living room simple and elegant. Antiquity resides in simplicity!

white wooden coffee table in front of a white couch

12.Fireplace Mantel in Farmhouse Living Room

You must install a fireplace to your country rustic decor living room for long comfy winters. Front facing mantel with a shelf holding well organized decor items. You can also add hanging chandelier with a wooden table below. Candles, flowers and books are the ways you can synchronize peace with the long, cozy winter nights.

fireplace mantel between white floading shelves behind wooden latte coffe table

13.Panoramic Window as a Cozy Design Idea

Those who adore the beauty of falling snow, falling leaves and sprouting of flowers in spring must install a picture window and make natural light reach you. You can also add luminescent lamps, wooden table with a couple of books and a comfy couch. The way romanticism adds to your life!

wooden coffee table in fron of fluffy white couch with lace pillows

14.Tableware Ideas for Farmhouse Living Room

Dine-in always needs a good tableware. You can enhance your table with fancy tableware like dinner sets, glassware and blowing candles. Check out this yummy hot soup in a china bowl with finely woven willow placements. Moreover, you can also place handkerchief, a couple of fragrant flowers for a lovely and romantic dinner always and forever.

pumpkin soop in white fine china on straw coasters

15.Armchairs in Farmhouse Living Room

For a small farmhouse living room, instead of having a sofa and dining table, you can place two single sofas or armchairs set with a small round side table and front facing a wooden table. Behind the sofa, an antique-styled mirror with parallel hanging pictures gives your living room a memorial look. Make a memorial wall for your living room!

two tan leather armchairs in front of dining console table

16.Corner Sofa for Farmhouse Living Room

If you are a book reader and love reading books then, you can have this arrangement. A corner sofa with a sofa table behind and a foamed Center table. Also, a framed bookshelf and a fur over the sofa. A picture window with natural light gives a view of a dream world.

nesting table next to a tan leather corner sofa with white large footstool

17.Mirror and Lamps for Farmhouse Living Room

You can also place a wooden painted décor table with Oengus accent mirror on it. Just imagine how this sensational mirror like that of a cathedral window will put light into your space. Also add a little chunk of fascination by placing lamps and some stone creatures over the table. This would be best for placing keys and some stuff for your drawing room path.

beige wooden mirror between two white wooden table lamps on beige regan server

18.Rugs and Carpets for Farmhouse Living Room

When it comes to floor coverings, rugs are the best choice to cover a small space. A looped carpet or woolen carpet or fur carpet will enhance the use of wooden table. However, there is a variety of rugs like silk rugs, jute and bamboo rugs, faux fur, wool rugs and much more expensive and quality rugs for your living room. Wool and fur are mostly used!

white ceramic vase and candles on natural wooden coffee table

19.Ladder Shelves for Farmhouse Living Room

Use of ladder shelf in the living room will make it look less bulky, more advanced and versatile. Place pots of plants, or objects of art, add up a few books to give it an aesthetic look. A steel framed standing shelf with a contrasting framed table will be best matching pair.

glass and metal coffee table on white argyle carpet

20.Flower Vase as a Cozy Design Idea

To give your living space a fresh look, fix a corner of your room for flower vases. Fill up artificial or real flowers inside it. Flower vase is important because it has been in use since ancient times, however, these are additive to decoration and freshness. Fresh colored flowers are mostly preferred!

fake pink flowers in a white ceramic vase next to pink and white fine china set

21.Scented Candles as a Cozy Design Idea

As I have discussed, candles give diffuses an acceptable fragrance that overcomes all bad smells that a person encounters all day. However, a scented candle gives a warm, cozy and healthy environment to your home. It comes in different flavors like lavender, orange cupcake, spiced cranberry, apple pie, vanilla etc.  

coffee table decoration with decorative books and candles

22.Aesthetic Items for Farmhouse Living Room

Jute and aesthetic pot plants are always good contrast. So, you can place a jute basket or placements and mats and lavender topiary as a pot plant for the table. Jute in contrast with white painted walls presents an exquisite look.

wooden coffee table in a cozy farmhouse living room

23.Big Screen as a Cozy Design Idea

If you love watching movies and seasons, then must install big a TV screen in your living room. In addition to LED, always hang a motivating quote frame. This will keep you motivated and gives your farmhouse living room a cultivated appearance. 

farmhouse living room decoration with coal leather sofa and chest coffee table

24.Art Pieces for Farmhouse Living Room

Knot a piece of art in your farmhouse living room to give it a pleasing and esthetic appeal. It keeps your vision focused and directs attention into the scene. Mostly, scenery or abstract art is preferred as a living room art piece.

art piece on brown wooden console table nect to white country style chair in a farmhouse living room

25.Curtains Choices for Farmhouse Living Room

Hang silk curtains to large open and wide windows and let more light to pass through if you love natural light reaching you. Always use light-colored curtains usually white is preferred. As white is a symbol of peace and harmony.

parguet top coffe table between fluffy beige couch and armchair

26.Sleeper Couch in Farmhouse Living Room

Choosing the right furniture for a living room is always a question. Sleeper sofa is the best option for your living room if, you want to take a nap, a night stay with family and friends or reading books for long. Also, you can get a leather sofa to sum up your beauty. Leather gives a shiny and fascinating front. Queen mattress for a sofa is preferred as it is soft, comfy and spacious!

farmhouse living room design with hardwood coffee table, white fluffy sofa and antique armchair

See a perfect design of leather sofa for your farmhouse living room below:

farmhouse living room and dining room design with wooden dining table and grey fluffy couch

27.Ottoman Poufs for Farmhouse Living Room

You can buy two single queen sofa set with ottoman pouf as side support with a large wooden table in the center. Balance your furniture with small round side tables and round mirror. Add a little touch of green pot plants. Keep the theme light and soft!

two white armchairs next to natural wooden coffee table in farmhouse living room

28.Wall Showcase as a Cozy Desing Idea

Set a built-in showcase on the wall and display décor items in it. Display case offers a graceful and magnificent touch to the entire living room. Also, put a large pot plant in the corner to balance the look of a showcase.

white wall showcase next to olive tree and white armchair in farmhouse living room

29.Standing Mirror

You can add a soft touch to your farmhouse living room by standing mirror and knitted jute sphere with wooden crossed table. Standing mirror reflects every corner of your room and synchronize the nature with it.

artpiece on white rustic wood console cabinet next to two white natural knitted cotton pouffe

30.Party in the Farmhouse Living Room

A farmhouse living room is enough for a little party or celebration. You can make your theme, like for Christmas celebration, you can use conifer or pine tree, lighten up with fairy lights, hanging jingle bells, roses and artificial apple. A couple of cushions and pillow on the couch and bench formulate comfort and harmony with the music in the background. Let’s make a superb memory out of it!

christmas in farmhouse living room