Farmhouse bathrooms are the new trend in home design. Not only do they offer a rustic and cozy feel to any bathroom, but they also have many practical advantages over traditional designs. Here are some of the most stunning farmhouse bathroom ideas that can improve your day-to-day life!

1. Mix and Match

A distressed floor tile, metallic chandelier, and a rustic cabinet are surely the perfect fit for a farmhouse bathroom.

farmhouse bathroom essentials

2. Farmhouse Bathroom with Rustic Vibes

Are you looking for cozy design ideas for your farmhouse bathroom? Wooden flooring and antique detailing will do!

sink faucet and bleck vanity lights with rustic vibes

3. Brass Detailing

A bluish-grey vanity with brass detailing will make your farmhouse bathroom look super chic. Don’t forget to add a wicker basket for essential bathroom items.

brass details in rustic bathroom

4. Calm White in Farmhouse Bathroom

This calm farmhouse bathroom inspo will surely catch everybody’s attention. Don’t forget to add flowers to complete the look.

wooden mirror and bronze faucet

5. Black and White Farmhouse Bathroom

The black and white combo is the ultimate farmhouse staple. Place a couple of potted plants to add a pop of color!

black shower doors and black morroccan tiles with black sink faucet

6. Go Dark

How about unwinding after a long tiring day in this beautiful farmhouse bathroom? Hang a framed inspirational quote to spread some positivity.

farmhouse bathroom wooden counter with  rounded sink and wooden vanity units

7. Double Trouble

If you are a maximalist looking for cozy design ideas for your country house, add two rustic mirrors inside your bathroom.

wooden vanity unit with black metal mirrors

8. Work with Concrete

Ditch the regular wooden flooring and introduce concrete to your farmhouse bathroom. This will give it an industrial look.

wooden vanity unit

9. Easy-Going Farmhouse Bathroom

If you wish for stylish yet easy-going bathroom ideas that don’t need much effort, here is the design. The striped shower curtain adds a pop of color.

small bathroom with black sink faucet and black vanity lights

10. Can’t Say No!

There is something about this stunning bathroom sink. From the color to its texture, it is impossible saying no to this bathroom decor idea!

designer faucet and sink

11. Bold Brass Accents

For all our farmhouse bathroom lovers, here is a little advice – go bold with brass!

black faucet, vanity lights and bathroom details

12. Add A Wallpaper

An eye-catching wallpaper will give your farmhouse bathroom a wonderful makeover. Plus, look at the tiny sink; we just love it!

half bathroom with wallpaper and black faucet

13. A Cozy Ambience in Farmhouse Bathroom

There is nothing that good lighting, stunning mirrors, and wooden shelves cannot fix. If you wish to model your bathroom, here is one of the most gorgeous and cozy design ideas!

white and beige bathroom

14. Old School Love Affair

Nothing on this list can beat this old-school bathroom design! Reinvent your bathing space with a table cabinet.

farmhouse bathroom with wooden vanity unit

15. Warm Bathroom Decor

The soft brown and black detailing gives this farmhouse bathroom a welcoming vibe. This decor is a perfect fit for guest bathrooms!

black faucet, vanity light and towel holder
white bathroom with wooden floating shelves

16. Compacy Powder Room

Wondering what bathroom ideas will suit your compact powder room? Well, here’s a perfect way to remodel it. Every inch truly speaks for itself!

bathroom with black moroccan tiles and black vanity lights

17. Light It Up!

Add a dainty lamp that hangs right above the washbasin. Isn’t this the cutest way to remind people to wash their hands!

bowl sink with black faucet

18. A Clean Slate

Want to start fresh every morning? Here’s a perfect place to begin with! This rusitc bathroom features black detailing that looks amazing. We are sure that you wouldn’t want to get out of here!

black faucet and metal mirror

19. Color Palette for Farmhouse Bathroom

Looking for colorful and cozy design ideas for your farmhouse bath? Take notes! The different shades of colors are set to blow your mind. It is also a wonderful bath decor inspiration for people who love going over the top.

pink bathtub and blue moroccan tiles

20. Zen in Farmhouse Bathroom

Wooden cabinets, quartz countertop, and black fixtures – name a better combination, we’ll wait! Additionally, the white space adds a sense of tranquility to the bathroom

black faucet and showerhead

21. Tub in the Middle

Bathroom ideas can never be completed without a graceful bathtub. Besides, the elegant floor tile and wooden cabinets will change the whole look of your farmhouse.

wooden vanity unit and blue moroccan tiles

22. Grande

Sophisticated and rustic, that’s what describes our next coastal bathroom! From the tiles to the shower compartment, each aspect of this bathroom makes it look grand.

blue moroccan tiles with black shower doors and hexagon tiles

23. Cute & Compact Bathroom

Soak in all your worries in this small-sized bathtub. Plus, to spruce up the vibe of the decor, add a colorful flower vase and other decoratives.

farmhouse bathtub

24. The Barnwood Bathroom

The decor of this bathroom is taking it to a whole new level. The window is replaced with wooden beams. These look rustic and old, one of the perfect bathroom ideas if your house needs remodeling.

barnwood bathroom

25. Flat Panel Cabinet

Maximize your storage space with this bathroom idea. The cabinets are perfect for storing extra toiletries and towels.

wooden vanity unit with moroccan tiles

26. Mosaic Tiles in Farmhouse Bathroom

The floor in the bathroom features mosaic tiles. This looks great when you have a fully packed bathroom with more texture and pattern.

hexagon tiles and wooden vanity unit

27. Farmhouse Bathroom Shelfie

Shelves are functional and look super chic in any type of interior. In this picture, the wooden shelf is decorated with a cute picture.

black faucet and wooden floating shelf in bathroom

28. Victorian Style Bathroom with Dresser

This bathroom has a dark and dangerous vibe to it. Additionally, the grey cabinets and tiles make it look even more alluring. Just imagine getting ready in here!

wooden bathroom mirrors and black vanity lights

29. A Dash of Matte Black in Farmhouse Bathroom

If your modern house is missing something, it is a farmhouse bathroom. The mix of light and dark composition makes it one of the most suited bathroom ideas.

farmhouse bathroom

30. Dreamy Oceanic Vibes

Who wouldn’t want a quick shower in here? We love how the blue and brown compliment each other and make the space look extraordinarily beautiful!

coastal bathroom with blue tiles and sand vanity unity

31. Feels Like Home!

Uplift the spirits of your guests with one of the classy bathroom ideas for your guest room. The tinge of green and brown will help them connect to their inner self even better!

farmhouse bathroom essentials
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